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Christmas Trees are generously donated by:

Support Our Community

Every tree sold will help raise funds for many important community initiatives. Helping others in that way is, truly, the spirit of Christmas.

About The Trees

Thank you for purchasing a Christmas tree in support of United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo. The trees, generously donated by Syncrude, were harvested from the bison pasture to allow more room for the bison to roam.

Here are some facts about your tree:

  • This is a White Spruce, a common tree species in the Wood Buffalo region.
  • The tree you have in front of you is from the slopes of the Syncrude bison pasture. The herd of bison require new real estate to allow space for grass to grow and provide food for our furry friends. If you look closely, you may even find bison hair entangled in some needles!
  • The very prickly, almost round needles of the White Spruce prevent cats climbing in it (as opposed to traditional Balsam Fir Christmas tree, which have more flexible and flat needles).
  • Spruce trees retain their needles for a shorter period than compared to the Balsam Fir.

& Safety

Your new Christmas tree is alive and will require care to maintain its look and integrity for the entire holiday season. For generations, White Spruce trees have been used in our region in traditional medicine, tea, shelter construction, and as insulation, and your tree deserves to be treated with respect. In order to offer freshly cut trees that last for the holiday season, this tree was harvested during the first week of December. You can expect 3 to 4 weeks of enjoyment if properly taken care of.

To extend the life of your tree, take these simple steps:

  • Keep the tree outside below the freezing point until you are ready to have it in water.
  • Secure your tree solidly in a stand that can hold at least 1 litre of water, but ideally more, and be prepared to refill with fresh, cool water almost daily. If you do not have a commercial tree stand, use a large 5-gallon plastic pail filled with gravel to secure your tree and prevent it from tipping over, while allowing water to reach the base of the trunk.
  • Refresh the cut just before placing it in water. A clean and fresh base will re-open the tubes transporting the water up to the needles.
  • Keep the tree cool and away from sources of heat and out of direct sunlight. Using LED lights will also help reduce heat and the risk of fire.
  • Optional: Add Aspirin or 1 tablespoon of corn syrup or sugar, or commercially available Christmas tree preservative.
  • Never use candles or open flames near your tree as the wax and resins contained in the leaves make it very prone to catch fire rapidly.
  • At the end of the life of the tree, the needles will start to detach and fall off. Dispose of the tree in an environmentally friendly way. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has a Christmas tree drop off program. Visit Seasonal Programs – Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo ( for details.

Thank you for supporting United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo and helping to raise funds for important community initiatives. We hope that this locally harvested tree will bring your family joy and happiness over the holiday season.


Thank You